Modernizing SDI: Data Interoperability for Cumulative Effects (English)

Wednesday, 10 February 2021 11:00 EST
Wednesday, 10 February 2021 12:30 EST
Event Description: 

OGC invites you to the Modernizing Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Cumulative Effects Outcomes Webinars to be held virtually on February 10 (English) and February 17 (French).

The purpose of these webinars will be to inform geospatial data producers and stakeholders of the Concept Development Study (CDS) results, including outcomes of the November 2020 Workshop as well as the CDS Engineering Report (ER). The ER will articulate architectural and technological considerations, requirements and possible solutions to enable increased Cumulative Effects data interoperability in the future.

The workshop is part of the OGC Modernizing SDI: Enabling Data Interoperability for Cumulative Effects Concept Development Study (CDS). The CDS seeks to specifically identify standards-based solutions that enable data interoperability of key environmental data, from multiple jurisdictions, using emerging Internet-based technology like machine-learning / reasoning, data fabrics, data lakes, cloud services, OpenAPIs, and other evolving standards, technologies and tools.

The CDS scope encompassed three main areas:

  • Characterizing the current state of spatial data infrastructures and their use of current or emerging standards and advanced technology to enable data interoperability, and understanding current gaps and challenges;
  • Assessing the availability and interoperability of geospatial data across various regions or jurisdictions, specifically those needed for regional environment assessments or cumulative effects analysis, as well as the technologies and services currently leveraged; and
  • Exploring and articulating practical means to achieve modernized, intelligent, inferential, machine-driven solutions that support and enable improved, efficient geospatial data interoperability.

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