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Public comment requested on adoption of STAC and STAC API as community standards

OGC Seeks Public Comment on Adoption of STAC and STAC API as Community Standards

The SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) is an open specification designed to improve the discovery, accessibility, and interoperability of geospatial data.

Making the data count, not just counting the data: the IGIF MSDI Maturity Roadmap

Making The Data Count, Not Just Counting The Data

The UKHO’s Dr. Gerald J Wong explains how using the IGIF-(M)SDI Maturity Roadmap enables governments to better harness geospatial data that supports their nations’ socio-economic development.

Developers invited to the October 2023 OGC Open Standards Code Sprint

Registrations Open for OGC’s October 2023 Open Standards Code Sprint

London-based hybrid event will support the development and improvement of Open Standards and supporting applications.

Seeking public comment on formation of Space Standards DWG

OGC to form Space Standards Domain Working Group; Public Comment sought on Draft Charter

The Space Standards DWG will serve as a coordinating body for Space Standards, leading to interoperable representations for space and time across the domain.

Announcing the call for sponsors for the climate and disaster resilience pilot 2024

Sponsorship Opportunities Open for the OGC Climate & Disaster Resilience Pilot 2024

Stakeholder-centric Pilot will accelerate our readiness for climate change and related disasters by optimizing on-demand information to better understand, trace, mitigate, adapt, and respond.

Announcing the new GeoParquet SWG

OGC forms new GeoParquet Standards Working Group

New OGC SWG will work to advance the GeoParquet encoding format for adoption as an OGC Encoding Standard for cloud-native vector data.

Public comment sought on formation of GeoZarr SWG

OGC to form GeoZarr Standards Working Group; Public Comment sought on draft Charter

A GeoZarr Standard developed by the SWG will establish flexible and inclusive conventions for the cloud-native Zarr format that meet the diverse requirements of the geospatial domain.

OGC, UKHO, and partners release the IGIF-(M)SDI Maturity Roadmap

OGC, UKHO, and partners release the IGIF-(M)SDI Maturity Roadmap

New Roadmap seeks to advance and simplify efforts in Marine SDI and ensure their alignment with the UN-IGIF principles.

Banner of EU flag overlaid with text: "European Innovation, Global Impact"

European Innovation, Global Impact

OGC’s ongoing contributions to European research topics, driven by projects co-funded by the European Commission (EC), cover areas such as data spaces, climate, digital building permits, agriculture, digital twins for the oceans, knowledge generation, and beyond. These topics are high on the European research agenda while having global impact.

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