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OGC Requests Public Comment on JSON and XML Encodings for Training Data Markup Language for Artificial Intelligence Standard

OGC TrainingDML-AI Standard standardizes any training data used to train, validate, and test Machine Learning models that involve location or time.

A recap of the 128th OGC Member Meeting, Delft, The Netherlands

OGC’s 128th Member Meeting, themed ‘GeoBIM for the Built Environment,’ was our biggest ever, with over 300 attendees from industry, government and academia.

OGC to form Transportation and Mobility Domain Working Group; Public Comment sought on Charter

Providing a forum to discuss and support the use of geographic information in planning, operating, and optimizing transportation and mobility systems.

Ecere Corporation receives OGC Community Impact Award

The award recognizes OGC members who, through exceptional leadership, volunteerism, collaboration, and investment, have positively impacted the geospatial community.

OGC Requests Public Comment on OGC Points Of Interest Conceptual Model Standard

A flexible, lightweight, extensible POI data model that will enable content publishers to effectively describe and efficiently exchange POI data.

OGC Requests Public Comment on Features and Geometries JSON – Part 1: Core Standard

The JSON-FG Standard specifies extensions to the GeoJSON format that support certain useful geospatial application contexts.

OGC Innovation Days Europe 2024. Connecting Technology with Policy. July 1-2, Tartu, Estonia.

Registration opens for OGC Innovation Days Europe 2024

OGC Innovation Days Europe event seeks to connect technology with governance and policy.

OGC seeking public comment on OGC API – Environmental Data Retrieval – Part 2: Publish-Subscribe Workflow Standard

New Standard will provide a basis for Publish-Subscribe implementation patterns within the OGC API ecosystem.

Geo-BIM for the Built Environment

The meeting will include a Geo-BIM Summit, a Built Environment Joint Session, a Land Administration Special Session, a meeting of the OGC Europe Forum, sessions on Geospatial Reporting Indicators, Observational Data, and more.

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