Coverages DWG


Baumann, Peter (Jacobs University Bremen GmbH) - Group Chair,
Meissl, Stephan (EOX IT Services GmbH) - Group Chair

Group Description:

The central purpose of the Coverages DWG is to promote and oversee development of OGC Implementation Specifications for exploitation of, and accessing, coverage data, including images and other grid coverages. Secondary purposes include promoting use of these specifications, and refining the OGC Abstract Specification as may be needed to better support these specifications.

These coverage services will support all aspects of image exploitation, including precision measurement of ground positions and of object dimensions in rectified and unrectified images and other coverages. Subclause 2.2 of OGC Abstract Specification Topic 15 “Image Exploitation Services” [OGC 00-115] contains a taxonomy of potentially useful image exploitation services, many of which also apply to exploiting other coverages. Such image exploitation increasingly supports decision support systems, often by bridging the gap between data and information.

Co-chairs: Peter Baumann (Jacobs University Bremen GmbH) and Stephan Meissl (EOX IT Services GmbH)