OGC Resources are made by our Member Community for use by the Global location community. Work in the consortium goes well beyond standards. OGC resources guide innovation, compliance, and much, much more. 

Community Practices

Documents describing implemented standards, specifications, or technologies that originate outside of OGC, but also address interoperability requirements in geospatial and related communities.

Discussion Papers

Technology issues being considered in the Working Groups of the OGC Technical Committee. They create discussion in the geospatial information industry.

Engineering Reports

Developed in the OGC Innovation Program to highlight the initiatives completed by OGC members. They document the partners involved, the standards used, their importance, and potential future impacts.

Technical Papers

Technology issues of interest to OGC Members and the geospatial community at large. They provide necessary background to highlight and forecast information and trends.


The OGC Compliance Program is a certification process that ensures organizations’ solutions are compliant with OGC Standards.

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