Geo for Metaverse Domain Working Group


The Geo for Metaverse DWG provides a forum for discussion and documentation of interoperability requirements for Open and Interoperable Metaverse components and services.

Project Scope

The Geo for Metaverse Domain Working Group (DWG) has delineated a wide-ranging scope with a concentration on pivotal activities that will shape the integration of geospatial standards within the burgeoning Metaverse. Its agenda includes compiling and evaluating a comprehensive list of existing standards from OGC and beyond that are pertinent to the Metaverse’s infrastructure. The DWG is tasked with defining and prioritizing the requirements essential for fostering an open and interoperable Metaverse, pinpointing and ranking the interoperability gaps within current systems. Furthermore, the group will assess community-developed standards, such as ‘3D Tiles Next’, for potential adoption into the OGC framework. A significant focus will also be placed on bridging the semantic interoperability gap, ensuring that data across the Metaverse can be seamlessly integrated and utilized. To showcase the critical role of geospatial data and its alignment with the FAIR principles—Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability—the DWG aims to orchestrate demonstrative projects that highlight the collaborative and open nature of geospatial data within the Metaverse context.


The Metaverse is perhaps the ultimate distributed digital twin of the world. It has the potential of representing everything in the world plus everything that can be imagined. The challenges to Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), technologists, artists, and society are huge, but the payoff is equally tremendous. OGC and this DWG will work on pieces of the Metaverse that pertain to geospatial applications and standards by developing open standards based on FAIR principles. Given that the Metaverse will be an evolutionary development, the working group will identify both near and long-term goals ensuring interoperability, FAIRness and openness. Also given that much of the Metaverse is already happening, collaboration will be key for success and a grounding principle of this working group.


The Geo for Metaverse Domain Working Group (DWG) is set to undertake a series of key activities aimed at promoting the integration of geospatial data within the Metaverse. One of the primary focuses will be the promotion of geo-capabilities in the Metaverse, advocating for the advancement of 3D standards, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), GeoPose, and Points of Interest. This will involve the identification and development of processes that facilitate semantic interoperability, ensuring that different systems can understand and use the data effectively. The DWG also plans to enter into Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with other standards bodies and communities. This collaborative approach will leverage existing relationships with organizations such as Khronos, W3C, and ISO, enhancing the shared vision of a universally accessible Metaverse.

In addition to forging partnerships, the DWG will focus on demonstrating the capabilities of geospatial technologies within the Metaverse, showcasing what is currently possible and identifying any limitations. By coordinating with other OGC working groups, the DWG ensures a synergistic approach to addressing the technical and policy aspects of geospatial standards. The group is also committed to organizing dedicated sessions on Metaverse topics during member meetings and representing the OGC at events hosted by partner organizations. These activities are designed not only to highlight the value of geospatial data in the Metaverse but also to ensure that the evolution of this digital space remains inclusive, user-friendly, and open to all stakeholders.


The DWG will collaborate with other OGC Working Groups including the GeoPose SWG and Points of Interest SWG and liaise with external groups including Khronos, W3C, and ISO.


Working Group Chairs: Tamrat Belayneh (Esri), Lokendra Chauhan, Amey Godse (Duality Robotics)



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