Alliance partners

Geospatial information is a cross-cutting requirement that’s critical to many different domains. As such, the OGC mission is aligned with the missions of many different organizations.

OGC members, board, and staff are grateful to our Alliance Partners, listed below, who work with us toward common objectives.

Many of these organizations collaborate with us on standards development, particularly when an interoperability solution depends on consistency between standards from different standards development organizations. Standards organizations look to OGC for advice on how to encode geolocation in their standards, and we look to them to learn what we must do to achieve harmonization across the standards stack. 

We frequently test and validate standards through joint initiatives such as testbeds, interoperability experiments, and pilots, and we collaborate on reference architectures to improve interoperability across communities of interest. With some of our partners, our main focus is to work together to reach out and educate at local, national, and regional levels.

If your organization faces challenges that involve the communication of geospatial information, we encourage you to talk with us to see if there are ways that we might work together. Please contact us via

Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE)

buildingSMART International

CEN 287 – Geographic Information

Defence Geospatial Information Working Group (DGIWG)

Foundation for Earth Science

Group on Earth Observations

Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA)

IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS)

International Modeling & Software Society Secretariat (iEMSs)

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

International Hydrographic Organization

IJIS Institute

International Map Industry Association (IMIA)

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

ISO IEC JTC 1/SC 24/WG 8 – Computer graphics, image processing and environmental presentation

ISO IEC JTC 1/SC 24/WG 8 – Computer graphics, image processing and environmental presentation

ISO Technical Committee 211 (ISO TC/211) – Geographic information/Geomatics
http://www.isotc211.orISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 7 – Sensor networks

Mortgage Information Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO)

National Institute for Building Standards (NIBS)

National States Geographic Information Council

Open AR Cloud Association

National Institute for Building Standards (NIBS)

Object Management Group (OMG)

Open Grid Forum (OGF)

Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGEO)

Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE)

Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)

Spatial Industries Busines Association (SIBA)

Taxonomic Data Working Group (TDWG)

Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
Topio Networks

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)  / National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) 

US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF)

Web3D Consortium

Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC)

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

World Geospatial Industry Council

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