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The University Domain Working Group (DWG) serves as a neutral academic advisory body, coordinating the interests of OGC’s academic and research members and offering technology, policy, standards, and various recommendations across the OGC.

Project Scope

The DWG harmonizes the interests of academic and research members, forming an academic advisory group to guide technology, policy, and standards and enhance the contributions of university members to spatial data infrastructures. Its scope encompasses the development of geoprocessing-focused academic curriculum, coordination of resources like web services and data for education, exchange of teaching resources, joint research grant pursuits, and support for publications.


Academic institutions have historically constituted approximately one third of the total OGC membership. This significant population within OGC represents academic institutions from many nations. At the January 2004 OGC Technical Committee meeting, an Ad Hoc Working Group session was held to explore options for more effective coordination of academic member interests. From this meeting, a series of recommendations were developed, including an agreement to develop and submit a University Domain Working Group Charter to OGC membership for consideration and approval. The purpose of this DWG is to organize efforts within the OGC to help unite academic institution representatives to pursue interoperability topics of common interest.


The University DWG is tasked with aligning the collective interests of academic and research institutions within the consortium. Central to the DWG’s efforts is the development of an academic curriculum centered on geoprocessing interoperability and related standards, alongside coordinated fundraising to support educational materials. The group focuses on facilitating access to web services and data, promoting the concept of an academic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), and encouraging the exchange of teaching resources and personnel among universities. They also work on identifying joint research grant opportunities, supporting the publication process for scholarly work on interoperability, improving the OGC’s support infrastructure for academics.


The DWG collaborates with other OGC working groups.


Working Group Chairs: Tien-Yin (Jimmy) Chou (Feng Chia University), Alexander Kmoch (University of Tartu), Steve Liang (University of Calgary)


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