Defense and Intelligence Domain Working Group

The mission of the Defense and Intelligence Domain Working Group (DWG) is to provide a forum for the defense and intelligence community to exchange information on geospatial requirements, standards, and compliance to facilitate the development and implementation of commercial software solutions. This group has several primary objectives, including:

  • Gathering and articulating community-driven business and technical requirements for geospatial interoperability.
  • Engaging with industry to provide feedback on the identified business and technical requirements.
  • Evaluating and showcasing commercial software solutions targeted at meeting requirements.
  • Reviewing and presenting geospatial standards tailored to the community, ensuring alignment with their needs.
  • Facilitating the creation of OGC pilot projects, compliance test procedures, and special communities of interest to promote new initiatives.
  • Fostering community participation and managing the DWG as a collaborative community of practice.

Please join the DI DWG mailing list to stay up-to-date on group activities and post questions for this community of experts.


AI/ML, Defense, Geospatial, GIS, Intelligence, Remote Sensing

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