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The OGC Technical Committee (TC) has developed an architecture in support of its vision of geospatial technology and data interoperability called the OGC Abstract Specification. The Abstract Specification provides the conceptual foundation for most OGC specification development activities. Open interfaces and protocols are built and referenced against the Abstract Specification, thus enabling interoperability between different brands and different kinds of spatial processing systems. The Abstract Specification provides a reference model for the development of OGC Implementation Standards.

Document Title (click to view/download) OGC Doc.# Editor Publication Date
Topic 0 - Overview04-084r4George Percivall2020-08-27
This document (Topic 0) is an overview of the OGC Abstract Specification.
Topic 1 - Spatial schema17-087r13John R. Herring2020-08-28
This document is the ISO 19107:2019 Standard and specifies conceptual schemas for describing the spatial characteristics of geographic entities, and a set of spatial operations consistent with these schemas. It treats vector geometry and topology.
Topic 2 - Referencing by coordinates (Including corrigendum 1 and corrigendum 2)18-005r8Roger Lott2023-09-05
This document is consistent with the third edition (2019) of ISO 19111, Geographic Information - Referencing by coordinates includi...Click to continue reading
Topic 5 - Features08-126Cliff Kottman, Carl Reed2009-01-15
From ISO 19101, “A feature is an abstraction of a real world phenomenon”; it is a geographic feature if it is associated with a location relative to the Earth.
Topic 6 - Schema for coverage geometry and functions07-011OGC2007-12-28
This International Standard defines a conceptual schema for the spatial characteristics of coverages. Coverages support mapping f...Click to continue reading
Topic 7 - Earth Imagery04-107George Percivall2004-10-15
Replaced previous material in Topic 7 with ISO 19101-2, Reference Model - Geographic Information - Imagery. Version 5 of OGC Top...Click to continue reading
Topic 8 - Relationships Between Features99-108r2Cliff Kottman1999-03-26
This Topic introduces an abstraction for the relationships between entities in the real world. This abstraction is modeled as relationships between the features introduced in Topic 5.
Topic 10 - Feature Collections99-110Cliff Kottman1999-04-07
An OpenGIS Feature Collection is an abstract object consisting of Feature Instances, their Feature Schema, and Project Schema.
Topic 11 - Metadata11-111r1ISO2016-09-16
Same as ISO 19115-1:2014. Abstract Specification Topic 11 was updated to the latest versi...Click to continue reading
Topic 12 - The OpenGIS Service Architecture02-112ISO2001-09-14
Same as ISO 19119
Topic 13 - Catalog Services99-113Cliff Kottman1999-03-31
Covers the Geospatial Information Access Services
Topic 15 - Image Exploitation Services00-115Cliff Kottman, Arliss Whiteside2000-04-24
Describes the categories and taxonomy of image exploitation services needed to support the use of images and certain related coverage types.
Topic 16 - Image Coordinate Transformation Services00-116Cliff Kottman, Arliss Whiteside2000-04-24
Covers image coordinate conversion services.
Topic 18 - Geospatial Digital Rights Management Reference Model (GeoDRM RM)06-004r4Graham Vowles2007-01-29
This document is a reference model for digital rights management (DRM) functionality for geospatial resources (GeoDRM). As such, ...Click to continue reading
Topic 19 - Geographic information - Linear referencing10-030Paul Scarponcini2012-03-20
Same as ISO IS 19148: 2012. Download at http://www.iso.org
Topic 20 - Observations, measurements and samples20-082r4Katharina Schleidt, Ilkka Rinne2023-05-26
This document defines a conceptual schema for observations, for features involved in the observation process, and for features inv...Click to continue reading
Topic 21 - Discrete Global Grid Systems - Part 1 Core Reference system and Operations and Equal Area Earth Reference System20-040r3Robert Gibb2021-09-23
This Abstract Specification lays the foundations for Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS). It defines Common classes for spatio-tem...Click to continue reading
Topic 22 - Core Tiling Conceptual and Logical Models for 2D Euclidean Space19-014r3Carl Reed2020-10-22
This OGC Abstract Specification (AS) defines: A conceptual model for tiling space in any dimension and; A logical model for ...Click to continue reading
Topic 23 - GeoPackage Conceptual and Logical Model21-053r1Jeff Yutzler2023-06-29
This document presents the conceptual and logical models for version 1.x of the OGC GeoPackage Standard. The intent is that these models can be used to implement the GeoPackage standard using technology other than a SQLite database.
Topic 24 - Functional Model for Crustal Deformation22-010r4Chris Crook2024-04-29
This OGC Abstract Specification (AS) defines a general parameterization of surface deformation models. All objects on the surfa...Click to continue reading

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