Security Domain Working Group


The OGC Security DWG has a mission to establish an interoperable security framework for OGC Web Services to enable protected geospatial information processing.

Project Scope

The Security Domain Working Group (DWG) is established with the objective of addressing critical aspects of geospatial data security, with a particular focus on authentication processes as they form the foundation for access control and licensing of geospatial information. The group aims to regulate the availability of online geospatial data through effective access control measures. Additionally, it prioritizes the use of encryption to safeguard communications between business partners, ensure the secure exchange of information, protect geospatial data within licensing frameworks from unauthorized use, and secure licenses themselves.


Current specifications of the OGC do not include security related aspects. In order to enable protected geospatial information processing and licensing, it is relevant to describe how to handle security related aspects in an interoperable way. This can be achieved by leveraging existing IT-standards.


The Security DWG is focused on developing a comprehensive security framework to facilitate the interoperable discovery, exchange, and processing of protected geospatial information, utilizing OGC Standards and related technologies. The group outlines interoperability requirements prioritizing the use of existing IT standards and solutions where suitable and adapts them to meet specific geospatial requirements. Moreover, the Working Group is committed to publishing best practices documents that will serve as a guide for integrating security into geoprocessing activities. In pursuit of new standards, the DWG will thoroughly explore all opportunities to shape the development of standards in conjunction with other standardization consortia, thereby ensuring that new efforts are aligned and cooperative.


The DWG collaborates with various standardization bodies, including IETF, ISO, OASIS, and W3C, as well as other OGC working groups.


Working Group Chair: Andreas Matheus (Secure Dimensions GmbH)


Data Security, Geospatial, Web Services Security

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