Metadata and Catalog Domain Working Group


The OGC Metadata DWG addresses issues related to how metadata must be specified in OGC Standards to fully enable certain services in the OGC Architecture. This DWG maintains close correspondence between ISO TC/211 metadata standard.

Project Scope

The Metadata and Catalog DWG will concern itself with technology and technology policy issues, focusing on geospatial data as related to the Metadata and Cataloguing domain and the means by which those issues are appropriately factored into the OGC standards development process. The role of the Metadata and Catalog DWG will be to present, refine and focus Metadata and Cataloguing and geospatial interoperability-related issues to the OGC Technical Committee.


In a world where we create more and more data, the importance of metadata and its discovery process has never been so important. OGC standards are more or less tightly linked to metadata profiles but there is a continuous evolution in requirements for description and discovery processes. The goal of this DWG is to permit discussion and presentations of those requirements and solutions coming from any part of the world for any domains.


The Metadata and Catalog Domain Working Group focuses on a set of principal activities aimed at enhancing the utility and reach of OGC standards. The DWG will engage in thorough discussions to pinpoint and define key use cases where OGC standards can be applied most effectively. Alongside this, the group will be tasked with identifying specific domain requirements that could be integrated into existing or potentially new OGC standards, ensuring that a wide range of metadata and cataloging needs are met. Furthermore, the DWG will examine other practice areas within the OGC to determine where support could be leveraged or influence could be exerted, fostering a more cohesive approach to standardization. Additionally, the group will identify related use cases and workflows that would benefit from Interoperability Experiments or Testbeds, with the aim of testing and demonstrating the practical application of these standards in real-world scenarios.


The DWG will work closely with related OGC Working Groups as well as external organizations.


Working Group Chairs: Byron Cochrane, Lieven Raes (Digitaal Vlaanderen), Frederic Houbie (Hexagon), Danny Vandenbroucke (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Spatial Applications Division)


Data, Data Catalogues, Geospatial, Tile Set Metadata

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