Artificial Intelligence in Geoinformatics Domain Working Group

Artificial intelligence is taking the modern age by storm and the geospatial world is no exception. The Artificial Intelligence in Geoinformatics Domain Working Group (GeoAI DWG) provides an open forum for broad discussions and presentations of AI technology trends with scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from academia, industry, and government. This working group develops and shares use cases and applications for geospatial data and machine learning in areas such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing, self-driving vehicles, smart buildings, and smart cities.

The GeoAI DWG carefully examines existing OGC Standards and identifies new standards or proposed changes that are needed to align with current and future AI capabilities. For example, routing services have not yet been built according to human-centered AI, despite some suggestions to extend OpenLS. The working group investigates the feasibility of all proposed changes, accounting for new sources of geospatial data and information while ensuring interoperability. The working group also identifies and facilitates efforts to advance trustworthiness and accountability within the GeoAI community.

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AI/ML, Geospatial, GIS, Remote Sensing

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