Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Domain Working Group


The Earth Observation (EO) Exploitation Platform Domain Working Group (DWG) is concerned with technology and technology policy issues, focusing on geospatial data, information and technology interests as related to that EO Exploitation Platform domain and the means by which those issues are appropriately factored into the OGC standards development process.

Project Scope

The EO Exploitation Platform DWG is established with the primary mission of identifying and addressing interoperability issues among EO Exploitation Platforms and their various components. This objective will be pursued by evaluating the application of existing Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards and considering the need for the development of new geospatial interoperability standards. The scope of the project includes facilitating discussions within the OGC to refine and concentrate on the interoperability challenges faced by EO Exploitation Platforms, contributing to the Technical Committee’s directives, and where necessary, acting as a mediator with other pertinent organizations within the industry, government sectors, independent bodies, research institutions, and standards organizations involved in the domain of EO Exploitation Platforms. Through its initiatives, the EO Exploitation Platform DWG aims to enhance the seamless integration and functionality of EO data and services across various platforms and applications.


The Earth Observation (EO) Exploitation Platform Domain Working Group (DWG) was conceived in response to the exponential growth in the volume of EO satellite and In-Situ data becoming available each day. This abundance of data has led to the development of numerous web-accessible platforms that enable scientists and commercial users to utilize this data directly, obviating the need for extensive downloads or in-house IT infrastructure to handle the sheer data volume. These platforms, born from both public initiatives and private enterprises, typically offer a core set of functionalities including cataloging and searching, storage and access, visualization, data processing and analysis, and user authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Despite the critical services these platforms provide, a plethora of different implementations has led to a landscape where interoperability among platforms is often challenging, due to varying interfaces and data formats. The subsequent phase of this data exploitation revolution hinges on the integration of these platforms to foster an ecosystem where each platform’s services can be leveraged to implement more complex and comprehensive use cases, potentially spanning various administrative domains. The EO Exploitation Platform DWG aims to unite service and technology providers within the Earth Observation data exploitation domain to devise a framework that aligns with OGC’s suite of standards, ensuring seamless interfaces and interoperability among the platforms.


The DWG is tasked with a set of key activities designed to foster the development and use of standardized interfaces and specifications that underpin the core services of EO Exploitation Platforms. This group is committed to staying abreast of the evolving functional and practical demands of these platforms, ensuring that the interoperability standards keep pace with technological advancements and user requirements. To this end, the DWG will issue Change Requests to update relevant OGC standards, carefully balancing the specific needs of the EO domain with the broader imperative for cross-domain utility. Additionally, the DWG will actively engage with a wide array of service and technology providers, both within and outside of the OGC community, by participating in and organizing conferences and workshops. These interactions aim to cultivate a collaborative environment where stakeholders can contribute to and benefit from the collective progress in EO data exploitation.


The DWG will collaborate with other OGC Working Groups and liaise with external groups working on technologies relevant to establishing ecosystems of EO Exploitation Platforms.


Working Group Chairs: Ryan Ahola (GeoConnections – Natural Resources Canada), Pedro Goncalves (Terradue Srl), Claudio Iacopino (European Space Agency (ESA)).


Geospatial Data, Satellites

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