Compliant standards and certified products for better-integrated solutions

The OGC Compliance Program is a certification process that ensures organizations’ solutions are compliant with OGC Standards. It is a universal credential that allows agencies, industry, and academia to better integrate their solutions. OGC compliance provides confidence that a product will seamlessly integrate with other compliant solutions regardless of the vendor that created them.

Browse Compliant OGC Solutions

Browse Compliant OGC Solutions

Hundreds of applications and tools that are implementing or have been certified with OGC standards: click to browse or register or sign-in here

Test and Obtain Product Certification

Test and Obtain Product Certification

An online community tool that provides product improvement, support, and features to certify standardized solutions: click to begin testing

Speak to a Technical Expert

Speak to a Technical Expert

Direct advice and support from experts to help you get your solution “OGC certified” through our tried and true process: contact us

“Achieving OGC certification is extremely important to us as an organization – we are proud to have more than 30 products compliant with OGC standards. Globally, OGC certification is a credential recognized when we approach new opportunities and business partners.”

Stan Tillman

Why test for OGC Compliance?

By testing your product or solution for compliance, you gain access to a community of experts and an in-depth understanding of standards-based best practices. The OGC Compliance Program provides a free online testing facility, a process for certification of compliant products, and coordination of a vibrant community of developers.

Certify your product

OGC Tests are free to execute. However, for permission to use the “Certified OGC Compliant” Mark associated with an OGC Standard, an organization must pay an annual fee for trademark licensing.

Gross Annual Revenue Non Member Member Member Unlimited Option
USD License Fee per Product License Fee per Product Community Voting Principal Strategic
Unlimited Package Unlimited Package Unlimited Package Unlimited Package
$0-<$5M $600 $150 na $600 $300 $150
$5M-<$50M $2,400 $600 na $2,400 $1,200 $600
$50M-<$500M $7,200 $1,800 na $7,200 $3,600 $1,800
$500M+ $25,000 $6,250 na $25,000 $12,500 $6,250
OGC Trademark License Fee Schedule

Terms & Conditions

The annual License Fee depends on the Total Gross Annual Revenue (TGAR) of the Licensee and the type of membership the Licensee has with OGC. If the Licensee has a parent company, the TGAR of the parent company shall be used to calculate the fee.

The OGC Annual Trademark License fee structure includes a Member Unlimited Option on the annual payments for Trademark License fees for members at the Technical, Planning, and Strategic membership levels. Many of our members have multiple products and multiple implementations that could enjoy the benefits of OGC branding. This Member Unlimited Option benefits those members that participate at the voting levels of membership.

When an existing licensee adds a Product that has successfully passed compliance testing during the Trademark License Year, the appropriate Trademark License Fee for each such Product is pro-rated for the balance of the Trademark License Year on a whole month basis. If the number of Products licensed during a licensee’s Trademark License Year exceeds the Member Unlimited Option for a licensee’s OGC membership level, OGC will notify the Member that no additional Trademark License Fee is assessed under the Member Unlimited Option.

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