Security DWG


Matheus, Andreas (Secure Dimensions GmbH) - Group Chair

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Group Description:


It is the mission of the Security DWG to establish an interoperable security framework for OpenGIS Web Services to enable protected geospatial information processing.

Background and Problem Statement

Current specifications of the OGC do not include security related aspects. In order to enable protected geospatial information processing and licensing, it is relevant to describe how to handle security related aspects in an interoperable way. This can be achieved by leveraging existing IT-standards.


The objectives of this Domain Working Group are:

  • Authentication (proof of identification) as it is a requirement for establishing Access Control and the Licensing of geospatial information.
  • Access Control as it regulates the availability of geospatial data, mainly available online.
  • Use of encryption to protect
    • the communication establishing reliable mechanisms for business partners to exchange information,
    • the geodata in the licensing scenario from being used without appropriate rights, as stated in a license and
    • the license.
  • It is not the intention of the Security Domain Working Group to be responsible for all security related aspects that have not been listed as an objective.


 Andreas Matheus