WFS 3.0 Hackathon

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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is organizing a Hackathon to capture developer insight into the draft standard for Web Feature Service (WFS) version 3 and is interested in your participation in this event. This draft standard is evolving in a quite unique fashion with respect to typical standard development and features OpenAPI / Swagger definition of the key service elements. This new approach to the development of WFS3 is based on ideas generated from the OGC/W3C Spatial Data Working Group on the Web Best Practices , the OGC Geospatial API White Paper, and the FGDC Application Programming Interface (API) assessment.  Each of these reports recommended an emphasis on APIs in future OGC standards development including use of tools such as OpenAPI.
The WFS 3.0 core is found here: 
An OGC Hackathon is a collaborative and inclusive event driven by innovative  and rapid programming with minimum process and organization constraints to support the development of new applications and open standards.
The Hackathon scope will focus on the core API and insuring it is can access a wide variety of geospatial data. The scope of the event is proposed to include one or more servers using the OpenAPI / Swagger definition to allow client development and testing to understand if the definition method is useful and if it could be improved. Similarly, one or more servers may also provide WFS Core implementations for testing. Participants are welcome to bring partial or complete implementations of servers or clients for the current WFS Core.
The Hackathon is proposed for 6 and 7 March 2018 in Fort Collins, CO USA at the USGS Powell Center. There will be opportunity for joint discussion with all participants on the goals and objectives of the event as well as final briefing of findings and opinions of the participants. However, the majority of the time will be spent in collaboration between participants in active coding.  The Hackathon will be run by Peter Vretanos and Clemens Portele from the OGC WFS-FES Standards Working Group.
Finally, if the fun of WFS 3.0 hacking is not enticement enough, Fort Collins offers — among other things -- a very vibrant microbrewery scene (see!
Please let us know if you are interested in this effort by filling out this form.

Fort Collins is about an hour from the Denver International Airport. Denver is a major airport with good domestic and international connections (see:

These are the two best ways to get from the airport to Fort Collins:
1. Shuttle services through Green Ride: The shuttle drops passengers at the Hilton Hotel (recommended hotel) and runs on about an hourly schedule for $28 each way.
2. Car rental: exit the airport on Pena Blvd. and take the exit for E-470 toward Fort Collins. At I-25, exit North for Fort Collins and stay on I-25 for about 40 miles.

We recommend staying at the Hilton Hotel as it is a short walk to the Hackathon:

There are plenty of other hotels in town, some of which are convenient to the Max bus which runs very close to the venue (

U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center
Powell Center
2150 Centre Avenue
Building C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Breakfast, lunch, and breaks will be provided. We will have hosted drinks and dinner the night of the 6th. Good food is available a block East of the Hilton, including the two best taquerias (places that serve tacos, if you did not know!) in town, good sushi, and a great brewery (

Public transport can get you to Old Town (the downtown area). Going further afield requires a car or bike. Fort Collins does have a great bike library ( for free use, although only the Old Town location is likely to be open in March.