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OGC Seeks Public Comment on adoption of new version of CityJSON as Community Standard

CityJSON is a web-friendly encoding of the CityGML data model, which is used in Digital Twins and other uses pertaining to built and natural environments. Public comment period ends 1, February 2023.

Building the Building Blocks for the Future of Location: The November 2022 OGC Web Mapping Code Sprint

The mechanisms through which maps are delivered across the Internet have evolved significantly over the past two decades. Advancement of such mechanisms has been driven…

OGC Seeks Public Comment on Creating new GeoDataCube Standards Working Group

New Standard Working Group will improve data interoperability of GeoDataCube for Analysis Ready Data. The public comment period for the GeoDataCubes SWG will end 19 January, 2023.

OGC seeking public comment on update to GeoSPARQL Standard

Update improves core standard, documentation, and exemplification. Comments should be submitted via the method outlined on the GeoSPARQL v1.1 Standard’s public comment request page. Comments due 13 February, 2023.

Public Comment Requested on Draft Charter for new OGC Analysis Ready Data Standards Working Group

New OGC Working Group will develop a multi-part Standard for geospatial Analysis Ready Data products, which can be integrated and analyzed with minimal user effort.

OGC Testbed-19 Call For Sponsors: Interoperability and Collaboration from Oceans to Space

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is currently preparing its next major Innovation Initiative, Testbed-19, which builds upon the success and outcomes of Testbed-17, Testbed-18, and other Collaborative Solution and Innovation (COSI) Program Initiatives (formerly the OGC Innovation Program).

OGC API – Tiles – Part 1: Core adopted as official OGC Standard

The release of OGC API – Tiles as an OGC Standard signals a new era in how tiled geospatial information is served over the Web.

OGC Forms Climate Resilience Domain Working Group; Schedules Q&A Session for Climate Resilience Pilot

The OGC Climate Resilience DWG will provide an open forum for the discussion and presentation of interoperability requirements, use cases, pilots, and implementations of OGC Standards in the context of cross-sector climate actions.

OGC Member Meeting Feature Article

A recap of the 124th OGC Member Meeting, Singapore

From October 3-7 ‘22 (and a little bit beforehand), more than 100 experts from across industry, government, and academia converged on the Lifelong Learning Institute…

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