The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is excited to announce that registration is open for OGC Innovation Days Europe. Held in conjunction with FOSS4G Europe 2024, on July 1-2, in Tartu, Estonia, the event will focus on themes of Climate and Disaster Resilience, One Health, and the corresponding Data Spaces. Registration is available here.

OGC Innovation Days Europe seeks to address stakeholders’ and policymakers’ need for digital solutions that can meet their requirements efficiently and in a user-friendly way. To this end, the event will bring internationally leading software development and data management experts together with non-technical experts – such as urban planners, policy makers, economists, and other beneficiaries of geospatial information – to exchange information and learn from each other. The stakeholders’ needs will be discussed and understood in depth while newly developed prototypes will be presented.

OGC is co-organizing Innovation Days Europe with the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GEOSA, Saudi Arabia) and FOSS4G-Europe.

The European IT landscape is changing rapidly. Several initiatives are underway, such as developing Data Spaces and Digital Twins, supporting the Green Deal, or otherwise trying to integrate the largely heterogeneous IT landscape. What do these mean for the leading challenges of our century? How can these predominantly technologically oriented efforts help with climate change and disaster resilience? Do they support Land Degradation Neutrality?

OGC Innovation Days Europe provides a platform to discuss how current technical efforts can be combined effectively with the necessary governance and policy aspects. What decision processes do we need? What agreements are required for efficient decision processes or homogeneous reporting models for, for example, Climate Change or Land Degradation Neutrality?

Thematic focus: Climate and Disaster Resilience, One Health, and Data Spaces.

Achieving climate and disaster resilience and sustainability requires reliable location information on the environment, land, and climate. Generating this information dedicated to the users’ needs is challenging. It needs highly optimized spatial data infrastructures and climate resilience information systems operated within a targeted policy framework and driven by an efficient policy model. Interoperable data pipelines and well-organized data spaces with their data assessment applications, combined with analysis, visualization, and reporting tools, are required to gain the knowledge to enroll climate strategies and actions.

OGC Innovation Days Europe will foster a dialogue between technical experts, decision-makers, and policy experts, with a focus on climate & disaster resilience, one health, the role of data spaces, and the need for modernized knowledge exchange and analysis environments.

OGC Innovation Days Europe supports the shift in IT solutions from being purely technology-oriented to a more holistic approach that better accounts for the various needs of the stakeholders. The event will identify these needs and thus make an essential contribution to improving the direction of future technological developments, supporting operational setups that are driven by efficient governance models and that operate within a solution-oriented policy framework.

OGC Innovation Days Europe 2024 is sponsored by OGC, the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information, Saudi Arabia, and the European Commission through the Horizon projects CLINT (GA-101003876), AD4GD (GA-101061001), USAGE (GA-101059950), Iliad (GA-101037643), EuroGEOSec (GA-101134335), CLIMOS (GA-101057690) and other projects of the Climate-Health Cluster.

OGC Innovation Days Europe will run in conjunction with FOSS4G Europe 2024 from July 1-2, in Tartu, Estonia. Learn more and register on the FOSS4G Europe 2024 website.

Co-funded by the European Union


Climate, Climate Change, Data Integration, Data Spaces, Disaster Resilience, Health