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OGC seeking Sponsors for Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Pilot 2024 – Connecting Land & Sea

Addressing the complexities faced by organizations connecting data of the sea with data of the land.

How OGC Contributes to FAIR Geospatial Data

Standards are a key element of the FAIR Principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability. As such, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has been supporting the FAIR Principles for geospatial information since its formation 30 years ago. This blog post offers an overview of select OGC Standards and components that support FAIRness in geospatial data.

OGC seeks Public Comment on Abstract Conceptual Model For Time

New OGC Abstract Topic document clearly defines the major underlying concepts of time, such as the fundamental concepts of events, clocks, timescales, coordinates, and calendars.

OGC Compliance Certification now available for the GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Standard

Products that implement GeoPose v1.0 can now be certified as OGC Compliant, simplifying integration of the product by agencies, industry, and academia.

OGC Calls for Participation in the Climate & Disaster Resilience Pilot 2024

Pilot will advance information and technologies supporting climate and disaster understanding & readiness while seeding collaboration between these two connected domains.

OGC India Forum 2023: Key Highlights from Hyderabad

The OGC India Forum 2023 brought together geospatial experts to discuss and find opportunities to invest and collaborate on open geospatial standards.

OGC and Joint Research Centre renew Collaboration Agreement to enhance Geospatial Standards

The two organizations continue working together to develop, apply, maintain, and promote geospatial standards and best practices that support the implementation of EU policies.

Climate, Disaster, and Emergency Communities invited to Innovation Days 2023

Event brings community members together to show what recent OGC work has made possible, and guide OGC on what challenges should be tackled next.

OGC Compliance Certification Available for v2.0 of the Web Processing Service (WPS) Standard

Products that implement WPS v2.0 can now be certified as OGC Compliant, simplifying integration of the product by agencies, industry, and academia.

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