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Banner of EU flag overlaid with text: "European Innovation, Global Impact"

European Innovation, Global Impact

OGC’s ongoing contributions to European research topics, driven by projects co-funded by the European Commission (EC), cover areas such as data spaces, climate, digital building permits, agriculture, digital twins for the oceans, knowledge generation, and beyond. These topics are high on the European research agenda while having global impact.

OGC adopts v1.1 of OGC API - Environmental Data Retrieval as official Standard

OGC API – Environmental Data Retrieval v1.1 Adopted as Official Standard

The OGC API – EDR Standard makes it easy to access just the required subset from a wide range of data through a uniform, well-defined, simple Web interface.

Welcoming OGC's next visiting fellow Dr Simon Cox

OGC Welcomes Dr. Simon Cox as next Visiting Fellow

Simon will use his expertise and experience to help OGC take the new “OGC Rainbow” interoperability environment to the next level.

A Message from Prashant Shukle on Behalf of the OGC Board of Directors

The Board of the OGC has started to develop a transparent, objective, merit-based process for the next Chief Executive Officer of the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Developers invited to the 2023 OGC API – Processes Virtual Code Sprint

Developers invited to the 2023 OGC API – Processes Virtual Code Sprint

Next OGC Code Sprint, held September 18-20, will refine the OGC API – Processes Standard and associated extensions.

OGC adopts CityGML 3.0 part 2 GML encoding as official standard

OGC adopts CityGML 3.0 Part 2: GML Encoding as an official OGC Standard

New encoding for CityGML version 3.0 can be used to store and exchange 3D city models in the GML format as data sets or via web services.

Requesting public comment on OGC API - Moving Features Part 1 Core

OGC seeks public comment on candidate OGC API – Moving Features – Part 1: Core Standard

New OGC API provides a standard way to manage and interact with geospatial data that represents phenomena and objects that move and change over time.

Seeking Public Comment on CDB v2.0 and GeoPackage Profile

OGC seeks Public Comment on CDB v2.0 Core and related GeoPackage Profile

This major revision is the result of numerous OGC Interoperability Experiments, Sprints, discussions, and feedback from the user community.

Open Science Persistent Demonstrator RFI

OGC releases Open Science Persistent Demonstrator Request For Information

Initiative will grow the open science community and make scientific results available to the people who need it most, in a format they can benefit from.

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