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A road with fields on either side with text overlay: "Ordnance Survey and Next Generation OGC API Standards"

Ordnance Survey GB and Next Generation OGC API Standards

Pairing Ordnance Survey’s new, easier-to-use data with OGC’s new easy-to-use OGC APIs, OS has launched the OS NGD API – Features product, which provides access to daily-updated, next-gen data, with powerful filtering capabilities.

Aerial photo of agricultural land with text overlay announcing public comment period for AIM SWG

OGC to create Agriculture Information Model Standards Working Group; Public Comment Sought on Draft Charter

New SWG will develop an Agriculture Information Model that will provide a common language for agriculture applications to harmonize and improve data and metadata exchange.

Image of library catalog drawers with overlaid text announcing public comment period for the new OGC GeoDCAT SWG

OGC to form GeoDCAT Standards Working Group; Public Comment sought on Draft Charter

The GeoDCAT SWG aims to separate a general geospatial profile of DCAT, called GeoDCAT, out from the Europe-specific Application Profile, GeoDCAT-AP.

Storm cloud with lightning above a city with overlaid banner text announcing public comment period for OGC API Environmental Data Retrieval Standard v1.1

OGC seeks Public Comment on v1.1 of OGC API – Environment Data Retrieval Standard

The OGC API – EDR Standard makes it easier to efficiently access a wide range of geospatial or spatiotemporal data through a uniform, well-defined, simple Web interface.

Picture of Parquet flooring overlaid with text announcing public comment period for GeoParquet SWG

OGC to form new GeoParquet Standards Working Group; Public Comment sought on Draft Charter

GeoParquet adds geospatial types to Apache Parquet to serve as an efficient cloud-native vector data format.

OGC Announces new Geo for Metaverse Domain Working Group

New OGC DWG will help the Location communities collaborate and contribute expertise into building and growing the open Metaverse.

OGC Calls For Participation in its next Pilot to improve Disaster Management and Response

New Pilot will bridge technology and stakeholder engagement to reduce disaster preparation time and accelerate our ability to transform data from observation into decision.

Principled and Powerful: Geospatial data for ESG reporting at Location Powers 2022

There was a principled and powerful representation in attendance at OGC’s Location Powers event in London last November. Ordnance Survey hosted the event at the Geovation Hub with 23 speakers over…

OGC Compliance Certification Available for v1.0 of the OGC API – Environmental Data Retrieval Standard

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is excited to announce that the Executable Test Suite for version 1.0 of the OGC API – Environmental Data Retrieval Standard has…

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