OGC & International Women's Day 2020

OGC on International Women's Day

Diversity, as a topic, has frequently appeared on the agendas of industry events for years now. OGC is conscious that there is still much work to be done to increase diversity and inclusion, but, with last Sunday being International Women’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect upon and highlight some of the activities that OGC staff have been involved in with regard to the issues that women still face in the spatial and related industries - while also remaining aware that diversity is much more than just gender equality.

Being open, diverse, inclusive, and accessible are parts of OGC’s core values. As such, OGC has long been a champion for diversity in the industry. Over the years, OGC Staff have participated in a variety of meetings, sessions, and panel discussions organised at industry events by organizations such as the Women in Geospatial+ and GeoChicas networks, among others. 

For example, Athina Trakas participated in the panel Careers in Geospatial - Which skills will matter at FOSS4G Bucharest, and will also speak at the German FOSSGIS conference and introduce the Women in Geospatial+ network and the related work to the broader german speaking audience.

Later this year, OGC CEO Nadine Alameh will, as the 2019 recipient, be presenting the GeoIgnite 2020 ‘Diversity in Leadership’ award. Nadine will additionally be contributing to a diversity panel at Australia’s Locate Conference 2020.

Specifically for International Women’s Day 2020, Marie-Francoise Voidrot presented during a NextGEOSS webinar entitled Earth Observation & Generation Equality. Marie-Francoise also presented during a similar NextGEOSS webinar for International Women’s Day 2019, as well as presenting at two previous Women In Geospatial Breakfast events.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s Women In Geospatial Breakfast had to be postponed. Readers can follow @geospatialwomen on Twitter for updates on the rescheduled event, as well as the OGC blog for a wrap-up post after the event that will also cover the related Women in Geospatial+ network and speakers database.

While OGC’s actions may feel like a small contribution to the wider issue of increasing the diversity of our industry, it’s important to remember that the combined actions of many will together make meaningful change. OGC remains dedicated to keeping the conversation going to spread awareness of the issues still faced by so many people in the industry. We congratulate those women in the workforce serving as role models, and encourage more people to promote diversity and equality - no matter what gender they are - because increasing diversity will make the world a better place for everyone.