My New Role as Consultant to OGC

Friday the 14th February 2020 was my last day with OGC as an employee, completing a transition plan that I initiated in March 2018 when I notified the OGC Board of Directors of my intent to retire. Going forward, I plan to provide my support to the Consortium on occasion as a consultant to address specific OGC mission topics. I will also remain connected with the geospatial community through my involvement in activities such as the US National Geospatial Advisory Committee.

I am also looking forward to spending much more time with family and the pursuit of a few new opportunities. One of those opportunities will be to put to use my interest in building and repairing computers as a volunteer for a charitable nonprofit that restores donated computer equipment for distribution to the poor and disabled in our community. I’ll also be allocating more time for fishing and enjoying the salt air on the Atlantic coast. I am not quite certain that this fits the definition of “retirement" in the classic sense, but I am looking forward to this next chapter.

I am deeply appreciative of, and honored to have worked with, the amazing and talented family of OGC members, alliance partners, and a wonderfully dedicated OGC staff. I thank the OGC Board of Directors for their support over the years, and for installing an outstanding leadership team, which is bringing a fresh perspective and new level of energy and accountability to the Consortium.

I am proud of what we have accomplished together, and I see an incredibly bright future ahead for OGC.

PS – my OGC email will continue to be active. Let’s stay in touch!

Mark Reichardt's Retirement Plan