OGC holds productive OGC India Forum meeting

Contributed by: 
Nadine Alameh and M.K. Munshi

As part of the GeoSmart India event in Hyderabad, India, last December, Dr. M.K. Munshi organised an OGC India Forum meeting. The forum theme centered around the integration of smart systems into national development and government goals through the use of open standards, innovation processes, and partnerships. 

Participants at the December 2019 OGC India Forum

The forum was a great opportunity for OGC’s CEO, Dr. Nadine Alameh, to share the new vision for OGC - that of using the power of location to connect people, communities, technology, and decision-making for the greater good.

In her introductory talk, Dr. Alameh underscored the changing dynamics in geospatial (now perhaps better referred to as the “location” domain) - specifically the change from focusing initially on the technology, then to business models, and now to operational problems. Additionally, Dr. Alameh discussed how the OGC community is uniquely positioned to support the widespread incorporation of “location” into almost all aspects of ICT - and, indeed, everyday life.

The forum welcomed about two dozen participants, with informative presentations by:

  • Dr. P.S. Acharya, CEO of NSDI, who provided an update on the activities at NSDI, highlighting NSDI’s five strategic goals in the areas of Governance, Data, Product space, Access, and Interoperability.
  • Mr. Vinod Bothale from NRSC, who presented on Geospatial Data Infrastructure and Policy, highlighting the importance of standards in a creative, inclusive, and collaborative geospatial ecosystem strategy in India.
  • Mr. R.P. Dubey from Scanpoint Geomatics, who briefed the participants on how OGC standards have helped this business,  while highlighting improvement areas for OGC.
  • Mr. Ravi Nishesh from Cyient shared their successful engagement in the funded OGC Innovation Initiatives in the areas of Smart Cities and IoT. 

For copies of the presentations, please contact mmunshi [at] ogc.org (M.K. Munshi, OGC India Chair).

With such great energy in the room, there was agreement to:

  • Hold more frequent meetings of the forum in various regions of India to encourage participation.
  • Come together to engage in developing a targeted Innovation Program activity around the theme of information sharing and disaster preparedness and management.

If you are interested in engaging with the OGC India Forum or staying informed of upcoming meetings and local Innovation Initiatives, consider joining the OGC India Forum mailing list. If you’re interested in learning more about the OGC or joining our membership, please contact Dr. Munshi at mmunshi [at] ogc.org