Luis Bermudez, all the best and muchas gracias!

Luis Bermudez, our Executive Director of the Innovation Program, will be leaving OGC staff on December 31, 2019. After 10 years of fantastic service to the company, our members, and the wider geospatial community, Luis is moving to a leadership role with a respected OGC member.

Luis joined OGC in 2010 where he reshaped the compliance program by creating the validation tools, and wrote the business plan for the professional OGC certification, greatly appreciated by the members. In 2017, Luis took on another challenge to become the executive director of the (then) Interoperability Program, modernizing the program to its current state as the Innovation Program, where the OGC provides a proven, collaborative, agile process for solving geospatial challenges.

Luis’ enthusiasm and passionate style (in both English and Spanish) brought contagious energy to the team, and engaged OGC members across both the IP and CITE programs he was responsible for.

We at OGC wish him all the best in his new endeavours, where we will be delighted to see him working alongside us in future OGC activities.