OGC e-Learning: A New Program for Learning and Examinations for Individuals

With geospatial technologies becoming increasingly mainstream, there has been a growing need for OGC to provide a way for individuals to prove their expertise in the application of OGC standards. Whether it’s an individual wanting to verify their competency in geospatial standards, or an organization wanting to develop the skillset of its workforce, the need for an OGC e-Learning program has increased over the past decade.

Earlier this year, OGC conducted a market research survey to improve OGC’s understanding of the potential market for an OGC professional certification program. The survey was open for responses from March 1st to April 5th, 2018. The survey was promoted through OGC mailing lists, a press release, social media channels, and staff professional networks. The survey was successful, providing very useful insight into the level of interest within and outside of the OGC membership.

Since April, OGC staff have been developing the infrastructure required to deliver an OGC e-Learning program that includes certification of successful completion of examinations that focus on OGC standards. Staff have also consulted widely with OGC members. In addition to the market research survey, briefings have been delivered to OGC’s Planning Committee (PC) and its Board of Directors.

OGC’s e-Learning material and examinations will be delivered online. An online proctor will monitor the examination being taken and report back on the integrity of the examination. The material and examinations will be accessible in most parts of the world – all that’s required is an internet connection.

The first course and examination to go live will be on the Web Map Service (WMS) standard. Enrolment will begin on December 17, 2018 and remain open indefinitely. This will be followed by roll out of an OGC Geospatial Architect course and examination by the second quarter of 2019. The concept behind the OGC Geospatial Architect course has come from discussions with OGC’s Planning Committee as well feedback from the market research survey. The OGC Geospatial Architect will be composed of bundles of examinations applying different standards to a problem requiring a geospatial solution architecture.

OGC e-Learning courses can be found at www.opengeospatial.org/learning

The fee for taking an examination will be $99 USD for OGC members and non-members alike. Within the first 12 months of the release of each new examination, each OGC Strategic Member will receive 10 free examination vouchers, whereas each OGC Principal Member will receive 4 free examination vouchers.

OGC Staff have been careful to ensure that the OGC e-Learning program focuses on OGC standards and their application, minimizing the possibility of overlap with training offered by OGC members. It is therefore envisioned that OGC e-Learning will complement existing certification and training programs that are already available in the geospatial industry.

As we begin to roll out this new program, it is our vision that OGC e-Learning will enable individuals to demonstrate their understanding of OGC standards and the application of those standards to real-world problems. Most importantly, it is our vision that OGC e-Learning will help geospatial experts deliver great quality solutions and services!

To learn more about the new e-Learning program, contact certification [at] opengeospatial.org