OGC's new Communication Coordinator


Hello OGC community!  I recently started working for the OGC as its Communication Coordinator - a fancy title that ultimately means I’ll be helping the OGC spread information about our - and our members’ - work and achievements to the increasingly broad audience that comprises the spatial industry. As such, you’ll be reading more blog posts and articles with my name on - and hopefully your name in - that will cover how our standards are being generated and used. I’ll also be contributing to our social media presence, so come say hello on your platform of choice, whether it be Twitter or LinkedIn.

I come (somewhat) fresh from an extended trip across the globe, where I migrated from Australia to England, and crossed just about every country in-between. Back in Australia, I wrote for and co-edited Position Magazine / SpatialSource and freelanced for some consumer technology magazines (among others), where I wrote about Android devices (that is phones, not robots) and A/V equipment. Before that I worked as a GIS operator, so have had interactions with the OGC for a while now.

As a spatial geek, I’ve always appreciated the work that OGC does: from making data from some of the world's most important systems readily accessible,  to guiding the creation of standards that have allowed web and app developers to create innovative location-enabled products with unlimited potential uses.

In fact, on that spatial geek note, I just bought a bunch of sensors to use with a Raspberry Pi of mine, so am keen to see how the OGC’s new SensorThings API will help me make better use of the data coming from them.

As the Communication Coordinator, though, I’m not so much here to write about how I am using OGC standards and services, but how you are. So, if you’re participating in the OGC or using our standards to achieve something incredible, do let me know!