News from the ILAF Forum - Hablas Español? Novedades del ILAF

ILAF, the OGC Iberian and Latin-American Forum, was chartered in 2010 and it has been a vital channel for communication between the OGC and the Spanish-speaking world.

The Forum is run by two chair persons from Spain, Joan Maso and Joan Capdevilla, both have been active over the last years and helped spread the word about the use of OGC standards in the community. Joan Capdevilla is now stepping down as co-chair because he is changing jobs.

Over the last years, the ILAF has run several sessions on standardisation at the yearly SDI conference on the Iberian peninsula (Jornadas IDEE) and at other national and regional events. With the monthly newsletter “El Rincón de ILAF OGC” and with ILAF's fantastic translation service supported by Inmaculada Serra Recasens, the forum contributes tremendously in spreading the word about open standards, and publicizing current and future activities of the OGC in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking community worldwide.

We congratulate and thank Joan Capdevilla for his past leadership and support of the OGC vision.

Celia Sevilla is highly qualified for her new position. These are some of her accomplishments:

  • Head of International Projects of IGN
  • Spanish delegate of ISO/TC211 since 2008
  • Secretary of the AEN/CTN148 (National Standardization Committee about Geographic Information) since 2008
  • Secretary of the RED3IGEO project to harmonize ISO
  • 19100 translations into Spanish
  • Member of the Eurogeographics expert group on quality
  • Project Manager of the Geographical Information System of Spain (SIGNA)

Both Celia Sevilla and Joan Capdevilla are employed by the Spanish IGN, Instituto Geografico Nacional, the Spanish National Mapping Agency. We really want to thank the IGN for its support of OGC activities in Europe but also in Latin America for many years.

The time Joan Maso from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona is dedicating to the support of the ILAF is equally highly appreciated. Forum activities like the ILAF Forum work mainly through the interest and support of national or regional champions and leaders.

About ILAF 

Since 2007, organizations and individuals in Spain and Portugal have been working together to promote the use of OGC standards in those countries’ Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) programs. As others became interested, meetings were held, often in conjunction with SDI meetings in the Iberian region. There are longstanding relationships between Spain and Portugal and the countries of Latin America, so when an official OGC forum was chartered in 2010 it was given the name ILAF (Iberian and Latin-American Forum). 

There is a public Twiki site available and the  ILAF mailing list is open to all OGC members and non-members. ILAF serves to lower the barrier to OGC involvement by Spanish speakers. One goal is to expand the website to provide similar support for speakers of Portuguese.

Upcoming Events

On 12 of June, Antonio F. Rodriguez Pascual from IGN Spain will share experiences of the Spanish SDI in a webinar, inlcuding some information about the work of the ILAF. For further information, please check the following link -

There will be an ILAF workshop at the Iberian SDI Days - Jornadas IDEE 5th-7th November, Lisbon (Portugal)