KML Validation and GDAL


KML is an XML language focused on geographic visualization, including annotation of maps and images. KML is supported in numerous earth browser applications and geospatial software products. About 70 KML 2.2 implementations are registered in the OGC implementations database.

In early 2010, Google submitted KML to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to be evolved within the OGC consensus process. Currently, the OGC Technical Committee is voting to approve the KML 2.2 test-suite. The Test suite will allow any implementation to validate a KML 2.2 file.

The test suite is based on the Abstract Test Suite [2] and is structured in 3 levels:

- Level 1 - includes test cases covering requirements that must be satisfied by a minimally conformant document;

- Level 2 - as for Level 1, plus test cases addressing recommended constraints;

- Level 3 - as for Level 2, plus test cases covering suggested constraints that are informative in nature.

Organizations can test their KML instances for free at the OGC Beta Testing Facility. After the OGC Members approve the test (maybe in July) the test will be available for certification. If an organization successfully passes the KML test, then the organization can get certification for their KML implementation by following a simple procedure.

We acknowledge the support of Even Rouault as developer of the reference implementation GDAL libkml, and the support of Richard Martell from Galdos [6] as developer of the test suite.