OGC at ATM (Air Traffic Management) World Congress, Madrid, Spain


I just wrapped up a super-packed week at ATM World Congress, truly the biggest event I’ve ever attended in my life! More than 5000 attendees, from more than 100 countries and a HUGE Exhibit Hall (more than 21,000 square meters – yes my feet are tired!). I left with my head buzzing with ideas on how OGC can further support the air traffic management industry.  The timing of the event was fortuitous, as we’re busy planning for our next OGC Web Services Testbed (OWS-10).

As always, the highlight of the event for me was catching up with our members that are engaged in the Aviation industry. It’s amazing to see how our members are playing such an important role in the modernization of this industry, from information modeling and mapping, to web services provision to state-of-the-art client and tools development.

In particular, I enjoyed catching up with Ian Painter and Alex Brooker from Snowflake. Did you know that these guys won the prestigious SESAR SWIM master class this summer? A true testament to the agility of their products and how standards can help small companies easily reuse and configure their standards-based products to meet the needs of different markets! For more info on what they did to win, check out their white paper.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Comsoft and Frequentis for their hospitality in their booths, and for really making me feel at home! Thanks again for Ulrich Kaage for a very informative talk and his perspective on SWIM and the role of standards on the Spotlight Stage, and especially for ending his talk with a call for learning more about OGC and getting engaged in the OGC Web Services (OWS) initiatives.

Similarly, I had the pleasure to spend some time with Hans Brunner and Fatima Madari at the Frequentis booth (a HUGE booth by the way!) and getting their perspective as SESAR partners on the advances in SWIM and the next “big thing” in the industry. According to Fatima, metadata is going to play a bigger role in the very near future for both the US NextGEN and SESAR. A topic to include in OWS-10 maybe?

Speaking of OWS-10, I had some good conversations with Dave Almedia and others from Harris Corporation about some good use cases and scenarios to incorporate into OWS-10 planning. This conversation was inspired by an outstanding panel led by Harris with participation from Snowflake, Delta Airlines, SESAR (SJU – SESAR Joint Undertaking) and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) NextGen. I'm looking forward to the white paper this team is working on to document OWS-10 results.

With respect to talks and workshops, there were so many that I enjoyed, I can't list them all here. I would like to highlight in particular the SESAR SWIM demonstration session involving airports, weather & volcanic ash information providers, airlines and air traffic control centers exchanging information instantaneously, proving that SWIM is becoming a reality! My favorite part of the demonstration was when the SWIM Registry was highlighted, and it showed a quick (very quick) glimpse of the many OWS-9 Aviation services registered and discoverable in the registry. How cool!!

To make a long story short, I’m glad to have represented OGC at the inaugural ATM World Congress, “the must-attend, most influential event for the global ATM community”. It’s great to see our members continuing to find opportunities to contribute to this field based on their OGC standards offerings. I look forward to more collaboration with them to continue advancing our standards to better meet the Aviation requirements in a way that can also benefit a variety of other domains!