OGC EarthCube Summit Report

On Friday, January 18, 2013, about 40 folks attended the OGC EarthCube Summit, co-located with theĀ OGC Technical Committee meeting earlier that week.

We had two breakouts: one on Architecture, especially to do with brokering requirements; and one about how Standards Development Orgs can relate to EarthCube. These discussions are summarized in the OGC EarthCube Summit Agenda and Report slides linked below. We heard a lot about issues to be addressed in bringing interoperability across the communities hosting and using large geoscience data centers, and various facets involved in developing and evolving standards that will serve the geosciences.

Here's the final agenda with links to the attached slides etc. These are also available in this dropbox folder.

00-OGC EarthCube Summit Agenda and Report 20130118.ppt (650kb)

01-Eva-NSF Update 1.18.13.pptx (800kb)

02-Joel-OGC Stakeholder Survey Overview.pptx (1.2mb)

02-Joel-OGC Stakeholder Survey supplement.pdf (640kb)

03-George-OGC Support for Geosciences.pptx (6.5mb)

04-Ilya-Interop_Readiness.pptx (2.1mb)

05-Gil-EarthCubeWorkflows.pptx (2.3mb)

06-Philip-Discussion on Decision Support.pptx (6.7mb)

07-Krzysztof-Semantics CG.pdf (1.4mb)

08-Reagan-interoperability mechanisms.pptx (320kb)

09-Lesley-Australia's EarthCube.ppt (28mb-too big for upload, see the dropbox folder linked above)

10-WhyEarthCubeMustBroker-sjsk20130110.pdf (113kb)

11-EarthCube Community Newsletter

Thanks to all who helped make this work, from OGC, Esri, NSF, and the participant organizations!