Cloudant Has Joined The OGC

Contributed by: 
Norman Barker, Director, Geospatial, Cloudant

(We are re-posting here Norman's recent post to the Cloudant Blog.)

Cloudant is pleased to announce that we have joined the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The OGC serves as forum to promote collaboration and development of geospatial standards for geospatial interoperability.


Cloudant are building a high availability geospatial platform based on its existing core technology that supports distributed indices and multi-node queries. Part of this development is to build a version of this platform that can be deployed on site as well as by our hosting providers. As a geospatial service provider we recognize the need for interoperability, the consumers of geospatial data and services need services to be interoperable across vendors so that they can perform their day-to-day tasks. This is as true for the mobile javascript developers building with LeafletJS and the analysts using ArcGIS Online.


Cloudant will stand on the shoulders of the giants in the industry, GEOS, GDAL and libspatialindex and also learn from the development of the open source geospatial database, PostGIS. Distribution, high availability and support for unstructured data will be in the platform and Cloudant will offer standard interfaces to ingest and disseminate geospatial data.

Open Source

As part of this development we will review the geospatial code and see which parts we can donate to the open source community and which parts need to stay part of our commercially supported offering. 


If you have requirements for geospatial data and Cloudant please send them to us support [at] (here.)

(Editor's note: Dr. Dobbs Journal picked up Cloudant's press release and posted this.)