OGC to demonstrate OWS-9 results, call for OWS-10 sponsors. What will the New Year bring?

Our program of annual testbeds is headed into its tenth year! Time flies when you're having fun! 

First of all, you're invited to attend on January 15 the OWS-9 Testbed Demonstration and Exhibition. This exciting event will take place next month during our OGC Technical Committee Meeting, which will be held at the Esri Campus in Redlands, California. Our OWS-9 Participants will show off the candidate interface and encoding specifications they've developed to meet the interoperability requirements of the ten OWS-9 Sponsors.

Also, we just issued a call for sponsors of the 10th annual OGC Web Services Testbed (OWS-10) (http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/ows-10), which will launch in a few months and run until about this time next year.

What will the New Year bring in OWS-10? We know there will be another Aviation thread and Security and Services Interoperability thread. Will this year be when we advance the state of standards-based information and decision fusion, incorporating sources ranging from the crowd-sourced information to streamed video footage? How about also incorporating ideas from some of our new Standards Working Groups such as the Sensor Web for Internet of Things, IndoorGML, Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI), and GeoPackage working groups?

If there are any organizations interested in sponsoring these topics and joining in the fun, just let me know! It’s a great opportunity and a proven process to share the costs of this cutting edge work!

Also, how about putting the new OGC Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML 2.0) to the test? How about WaterML 2.0? Maybe some sensor manufacturers will put some PUCK-enabled freshwater sensors in a watershed sensor web. Sure, ocean observatories are nice, but they're so expensive. And that's all saltwater. Almost everybody lives in a dirty river watershed! Any takers?

Last and definitely not least the Civil Engineering world and the Building Information Model world will have noticed that LandXML has a new home in the OGC, the OGC Land Information Domain Working Group –That, plus our IndoorGML activity and the ever-expanding world of OGC CityGML. Oh, the things we could do to reduce the life cycle costs of buildings and capital projects!

It's fun making free standards that enable us to do things we never could do before, and that anybody in the world can use to save thousands or millions of dollars, not to mention in many instances saving lives!

Don’t take my word for it, come and find out for yourself! Attend the OWS-9 demonstration on January 15, and let me know if you want more information about the January 17 OWS-10 sponsor planning meeting.