OGC participating in 2012 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference – Part 1

The OGC is participating this week in ATIEC, the 2012 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference. The conference is focused on achieving global harmonization through collaboration. It runs from Aug 28 to Aug 30, 2012.

The OGC has a booth in the exhibit hall of the conference, showcasing the results of recent Interoperability Program initiatives that incorporated requirements from the Aviation community, as sponsored by the FAA and Eurocontrol. All demonstrations showcased at the booth are available on the OGC youtube channel. In the exhibit hall, the OGC was surrounded by many OGC members, including Snowflake, Comsoft, Luciad, Boeing, Harris Corporation, Esri, Google, IDS and Frequentis. 

The OGC was also invited to present in the Emerging Concepts session on Wednesday morning. The talk was split into two halves: In the first half, I presented on the scope and schedule of the ongoing OGC Web Services testbed OWS-9, highlighting the cutting edge work being done in the Aviation thread, in addition to aspects of security, mobile geopackaging, geosynching, web service façade and Reference Architecture Profiling being worked on by over 44 participants in the testbed. In the second half of the talk, Luis Bermudez, the Cross-Community Interoperability (CCI) thread architect, presented the semantic mediation architecture being advanced in the testbed, along with initial results of applying the architecture in the Aviation domain to map terminology used by pilots to concepts as defined in the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM).