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A road with fields on either side with text overlay: "Ordnance Survey and Next Generation OGC API Standards"

Ordnance Survey GB and Next Generation OGC API Standards

Pairing Ordnance Survey’s new, easier-to-use data with OGC’s new easy-to-use OGC APIs, OS has launched the OS NGD API – Features product, which provides access to daily-updated, next-gen data, with powerful filtering capabilities.

Principled and Powerful: Geospatial data for ESG reporting at Location Powers 2022

There was a principled and powerful representation in attendance at OGC’s Location Powers event in London last November. Ordnance Survey hosted the event at the Geovation Hub with 23 speakers over…

Building the Building Blocks for the Future of Location: The November 2022 OGC Web Mapping Code Sprint

The mechanisms through which maps are delivered across the Internet have evolved significantly over the past two decades. Advancement of such mechanisms has been driven…

OGC Member Meeting Feature Article

A recap of the 124th OGC Member Meeting, Singapore

From October 3-7 ‘22 (and a little bit beforehand), more than 100 experts from across industry, government, and academia converged on the Lifelong Learning Institute…

Has the edge dissolved itself banner

Has the Edge Dissolved Itself Already? Or is the Edge the new Cloud?

With the growing number of systems and platforms, the number of platform-specific formats and interfaces increases – and interoperability suffers.

Data Exchange ISO Sprint Blog Banner

Reflections on the 2022 Joint OGC & ISO Code Sprint – The Metadata Code Sprint

Over the past two decades, standards such as ISO 19115:2003 and the OGC Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) have been integrated into several Spatial…

OGC June Member Meeting Madrid 2022

Bringing the Heat in Madrid: a recap of our 123rd Member Meeting

OGC’s 123rd Member Meeting – our long awaited return to in-person(!) – was held in Madrid, Spain, from June 13-16, 2022. And even with the heatwave…

The latest on cloud native at OGC

The Latest on Cloud-Native Geospatial Standards in OGC

OGC Chief Standards Officer, Scott Simmons, digs into the elements of the cloud ecosystem that OGC is addressing: interfaces, applications, encodings, and operations.

The 2022 Joint OGC OSGeo ASF Code Sprint – How it went!

Over the past decade, geospatial technologies and data have become more widespread in use and application. A key catalyst for the increased uptake of geospatial…

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