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Making the data count, not just counting the data: the IGIF MSDI Maturity Roadmap

Making The Data Count, Not Just Counting The Data

The UKHO’s Dr. Gerald J Wong explains how using the IGIF-(M)SDI Maturity Roadmap enables governments to better harness geospatial data that supports their nations’ socio-economic development.

Banner of EU flag overlaid with text: "European Innovation, Global Impact"

European Innovation, Global Impact

OGC’s ongoing contributions to European research topics, driven by projects co-funded by the European Commission (EC), cover areas such as data spaces, climate, digital building permits, agriculture, digital twins for the oceans, knowledge generation, and beyond. These topics are high on the European research agenda while having global impact.

A Message from Prashant Shukle on Behalf of the OGC Board of Directors

The Board of the OGC has started to develop a transparent, objective, merit-based process for the next Chief Executive Officer of the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Banner text reads: A recap of OGC's 126th Member Meeting

A recap of the 126th OGC Member Meeting, Huntsville, AL, USA

Attendees spent the week discussing the latest geospatial innovations in areas such as Climate, Space, Open Science, Defense & Intelligence, Connected Systems, and more.

Banner with text "the 2023 OGC tiling interfaces code sprint"

The 2023 OGC Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint – How it went!

On June 12-14, 2023, OGC held its 2023 Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint at OGC Strategic Member NGA’s Moonshot Labs in St. Louis, Missouri. The code sprint focused on a select set of Application Programming Interface (API), database, and encoding standards related to map tiles.

Various sensors overlaid with text "OGC SensorThings API for European Green Deal Data Spaces"

OGC SensorThings API for European Green Deal Data Spaces

This post outlines the SensorThings API Standard together with initial results from two Horizon Europe projects on Green Deal Data Spaces: All Data for Green Deal (AD4GD) and Urban Data Space for Green Deal (USAGE).

OGC 125th Member Meeting: Geospatial In Space

A recap of the 125th OGC Member Meeting, Frascati, Italy

With a theme of “Geospatial in Space” OGC’s 125th Member Meeting saw 200+ experts converge on th ESA Centre for Earth Observation (ESRIN) in Frascati, Italy, to shape the future of geospatial.

OGC SensorThings API and OGC API – Features: Good Practice for European Spatial Information

OGC SensorThings API and OGC API – Features: Good Practice for European Spatial Information

OGC API – Features and OGC SensorThings API Standards are recognised as INSPIRE good practice for the provision of INSPIRE data.

Banner announcing TEAM Engine v5.5

The new v5.5 of TEAM Engine on the OGC Validator

TEAM Engine is the open source software used for validating compliance to OGC Standards. Version 5.5 of TEAM Engine brings some exciting improvements.

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