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Geospatial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - OGC

Geospatial and Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI)

OGC is advancing innovation through its work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn how the OGC’s GeoAI DWG, Training-DML SWG and COSI programs are contributing to standards and innovation in the area of GeoAI.

OGC Requests Public Comment on JSON and XML Encodings for Training Data Markup Language for Artificial Intelligence Standard

OGC TrainingDML-AI Standard standardizes any training data used to train, validate, and test Machine Learning models that involve location or time.

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A Strong Foundation for GeoAI Innovation

New AI capabilities have reoriented and transformed GIS and Remote Sensing, providing new solutions and greatly increasing efficiency.

A recap of the 127th OGC Member Meeting, Singapore

Attendees spent the week discussing the latest geospatial innovations in areas such as GeoAI, Digital Twins, Data Quality, Intelligent Transport, connecting land & sea, and more.

Three reasons why New Space is valuable to the location community – and vice-versa

“Everybody has to have an interest in solving global problems. Unless one has entirely lost touch with reality. – And such people do exist.” Dennis…

Vijay Krishnan from Intel Geospatial on AI, the Cloud, and the future of data integration, visualization, and analysis

Using OGC standards, the Intel Geospatial platform is providing simple access to a wide range of high-quality 2D and 3D geospatial data and analytic applications for asset owners and service provider businesses that collect geospatial imagery using drones, planes, vehicles, and more.