A Subcommittee is a standing group (organizationally, a subgroup of the Technical Committee or the Planning Committee) of individuals composed of members of the TC or PC and Invited Guests, with a mission to provide recommendations to the TC or PC in some general area. A Subcommittee does not generate a Standard nor do they work on a Standard.

Name space Lead **
Compliance Interoperability & Testing Evaluation (CITE) SC (CITE SC)Heazel, Charles (Heazel, Charles) - Group Chair
Document SC (DocTeam)Reed III, Carl (Reed, Carl) - Group Chair,
Simmons, Scott (Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.) - Group Chair
Integrated Digital Built Environment SC (IDBE SC)Roensdorf, Carsten (Ordnance Survey) - Co-Chair
OGC Naming Authority SC (OGC NA SC)Hobona, Gobe (Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.) - Group Chair
Spatial Data on the Web Working Group (SDWWG)Tandy, Jeremy (UK Met Office) - Co-Chair,
van den Brink, Linda (Geonovum) - Co-Chair
** - There may be Co-Chairs or Vice-Chairs that are not listed in this table