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The Open Science Persistent Demonstrator (OSPD) is a long-term inter-agency initiative aiming to enable and communicate reproducible Earth Science across global communities of users and amplify inter-agency Earth Observation mission data, tools, and infrastructures. 

A major goal for this activity is to test and demonstrate the current level of interoperability among still maturing Earth Observation and Earth Science cloud technologies and infrastructures developed by ESA, NASA and other space agencies and international organizations and contributed in kind to the initiative in a coordinated approach, building on existing investments where appropriate. 

Through various Pilots, the activity will demonstrate interoperable, collaborative research that allows reuse of existing components. These other resources are either offered as part of emerging Open Science Environments or in the form of either directly accessible “cloud-native” data/functions or by means of Web APIs.


Climate Change, Earth Observation, OGC APIs, Spatial Data Infrastructure

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