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OGC EO Dataset Metadata GeoJSON(-LD) Encoding Standard

Overview JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) has been gaining in popularity for encoding data in Web-based applications. JSON consists of sets of objects described by name/value…

Ordering Services Framework for Earth Observation Products Interface Standard

Overview This OGC® standard specifies the interfaces, bindings, requirements, conformance classes, and a framework for implementing extensions that enable complete workflows for ordering of Earth…

Announcing the call for sponsors for the climate and disaster resilience pilot 2024

Sponsorship Opportunities Open for the OGC Climate & Disaster Resilience Pilot 2024

Stakeholder-centric Pilot will accelerate our readiness for climate change and related disasters by optimizing on-demand information to better understand, trace, mitigate, adapt, and respond.

Open Science Persistent Demonstrator RFI

OGC releases Open Science Persistent Demonstrator Request For Information

Initiative will grow the open science community and make scientific results available to the people who need it most, in a format they can benefit from.

Public Comment Requested for standardizing training data for AI/ML applications

OGC Seeks Public Comment on New Standard for Training Data for AI/ML Applications

OGC TrainingDML-AI Standard defines the model and encodings for standardizing any training data used to train, validate, and test Machine Learning models that involve location or time.

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A Strong Foundation for GeoAI Innovation

New AI capabilities have reoriented and transformed GIS and Remote Sensing, providing new solutions and greatly increasing efficiency.