Climate and Disaster Resilience Pilot 2024

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The Call for Sponsors (CFS) is now open! Application close September 22. See below for more information.

Our climate is evolving at a rapid pace, and with it comes unprecedented uncertainties through larger, and more frequent disasters. With the ever present threat of rising sea levels, droughts, wildfires, flooding, and more, we must accelerate our readiness for climate change and improve our resiliency to disasters. In order to achieve this we must enhance and improve the climate data value chain to create better climate and disaster information for decision makers.

As a follow on from 5+ years of successes through the Climate Resilience Pilot and series of Disaster Pilots and forms, OGC brings you the Climate and Disaster Resilience Pilot 2024 (CDRP24). The next phase of an ongoing OGC disaster and climate initiative, CDRP24 is focused on delivering impacts through interoperable geospatial technologies and standards, all to help combat climate and disasters.

CDRP24 will consist of individual threads that each work towards specific end-user, stakeholder, and technical goals that advance our climate and/or disaster understanding and readiness while also seeding collaboration between these two related domains.

While building upon the knowledge gained from past pilots, the intent of the Pilot is to:

The Call for Sponsors (CFS) is available here as HTML or PDF.

Sponsoring the CDRP24 will directly improve Climate Resilience Information Systems and Emergency Management Systems. Sponsors benefit from having their specific requirements addressed by teams of experts in integration and interoperability. Sponsors enable organizations to collaboratively improve and enhance the sponsors’ systems, progress technical capabilities, and advance scientific reliability of Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and Decision Ready Indicators (DRI). As such, sponsors have the unique opportunity to share the newly developed interactive systems solutions to the international community working within and across the climate and disaster domains.


Climate, Climate Change, Disaster Resilience, Earth Observation, Spatial Data Infrastructure

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