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Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

The biggest threat facing Earth’s diverse inhabitants continues to increase. The changes to Earth’s climate – wrought through over consumption and the continued burning of fossil fuels – are now resulting in frequent extreme events and disasters.

Banner announcing Call For Participation in OGC FMSDI Pilot 2023

Connecting Land and Sea for Global Awareness: The OGC Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Pilot 2023 Calls For Participation

Pilot will investigate how marine navigational data can be used in new ways in the Caribbean, and how Digital Twins can be created for coastal management in Singapore and the Arctic.

OGC Forms Climate Resilience Domain Working Group; Schedules Q&A Session for Climate Resilience Pilot

The OGC Climate Resilience DWG will provide an open forum for the discussion and presentation of interoperability requirements, use cases, pilots, and implementations of OGC Standards in the context of cross-sector climate actions.

Paving the way forward for Building Energy Mapping and Analytics

This Article was Contributed by Eddie Oldfield, Senior Lead, Projects & Advisory Services, QUEST; Jessica Webster, Energy Planning Analyst, Natural Resources Canada; and Ryan Ahola,…

Results of OGC’s biggest Innovation Initiative in 2021, Testbed-17, are now available

The publicly available reports document the latest advances in Sensor Integration, Moving Features, Data-centric Security, Geospatial Cloud-Native Formats, and Interoperability Through APIs.

OGC Calls For Participation in its next Pilot to improve Disaster Management and Response

New Pilot will bridge technology and stakeholder engagement to reduce disaster preparation time and accelerate our ability to transform data from observation into decision.