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Seeking public comment on formation of Space Standards DWG

OGC to form Space Standards Domain Working Group; Public Comment sought on Draft Charter

The Space Standards DWG will serve as a coordinating body for Space Standards, leading to interoperable representations for space and time across the domain.

OGC Testbed-19 Call For Sponsors: Interoperability and Collaboration from Oceans to Space

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is currently preparing its next major Innovation Initiative, Testbed-19, which builds upon the success and outcomes of Testbed-17, Testbed-18, and other Collaborative Solution and Innovation (COSI) Program Initiatives (formerly the OGC Innovation Program).

OGC 125th Member Meeting: Geospatial In Space

A recap of the 125th OGC Member Meeting, Frascati, Italy

With a theme of “Geospatial in Space” OGC’s 125th Member Meeting saw 200+ experts converge on th ESA Centre for Earth Observation (ESRIN) in Frascati, Italy, to shape the future of geospatial.

Four Location-Focused Themes at the 118th OGC Member Meeting

OGC’s Member Meeting is the center of all things for location information. Happening for almost three decades, the meetings focus on everything from evolving core standards…

Banner text reads: A recap of OGC's 126th Member Meeting

A recap of the 126th OGC Member Meeting, Huntsville, AL, USA

Attendees spent the week discussing the latest geospatial innovations in areas such as Climate, Space, Open Science, Defense & Intelligence, Connected Systems, and more.

Three reasons why New Space is valuable to the location community – and vice-versa

“Everybody has to have an interest in solving global problems. Unless one has entirely lost touch with reality. – And such people do exist.” Dennis…