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Has the Edge Dissolved Itself Already? Or is the Edge the new Cloud?

With the growing number of systems and platforms, the number of platform-specific formats and interfaces increases – and interoperability suffers.

Vijay Krishnan from Intel Geospatial on AI, the Cloud, and the future of data integration, visualization, and analysis

Using OGC standards, the Intel Geospatial platform is providing simple access to a wide range of high-quality 2D and 3D geospatial data and analytic applications for asset owners and service provider businesses that collect geospatial imagery using drones, planes, vehicles, and more.

Innovation at OGC: Data-driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision making is fundamental to all aspects of society, In almost all cases, location data is involved. For decades, OGC has driven toward open…

Geospatially Enabled Ecosystem for Europe (GeoE3)

The overall objective of GeoE3 is to exploit existing national geospatial platforms and develop a cloud-based ecosystem of generic services that dynamically integrate various datasets and services with geospatial data.

EO Cloud Platform CDS

The scope of this study is the evaluation of EO cloud platform architectures and alignment with open standards, and documentation of their readiness to support the Disaster Pilot 2021 disaster response exercise scenario.

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All Data for Green Deal

The project will work towards solutions supporting the generation and test of a data space for green deal related use cases, such as air quality, biodiversity and climate changes. OGC standards will be essential to support interoperability and FAIR solutions.