Geospatially Enabled Ecosystem for Europe (GeoE3)

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What is it about?

Transportation, energy supply, climate protection – in these areas, cities and municipalities can continuously develop and thus improve the lives of the people who live there. But how do you make the right planning decisions? What is the best traffic concept or the most climate-friendly energy supply? What information and data are needed? Where does this data come from and how do you evaluate it and share it with neighboring regions? 

What does the GeoE3 project enable?

The project focuses on: Solar Energy, Smart Cities and Electric Cars.  The GeoE3 project thus shows how sustainable development can be supported on the basis of easily accessible digital information. GeoE3 exemplifies how a platform of data services can be built. A data platform is created on the basis of which those responsible can make the right decisions for the further development of their region. A particular focus here is the ability to share data and data services. The recent FinEST Hackaton is a good example of information exchange between Finland and Estonia, i.e. Helsinki and Tallinn. 

Furthermore, GeoE3 is developing guidance and toolkits on the technical solutions to build more independent systems and data platforms connecting digital services. For this purpose an e-learning Academy has been developed: here the National Mapping and Cadaster Agancies are provided with training material in different modules for their daily work. The OGC will keep further training material available via the OGC Academy, which can be freely used by everyone. 

The developed GeoE3 data platform can integrate high quality datasets and services (e.g. meteorological and statistical data) with geospatial data from existing national geospatial data platforms. This provides users with meaningful analyses and visualizations of complex issues. For example, it is possible to simulate how a new bypass would affect traffic flow within a city.

GeoE3 builds on projects previously funded by the EU: European Location Framework (ELF) – ref CIP 325140; Open European Location Services (OpenELS) – ref CEF 2016-EU-IA-0046; and European Spatial Data Infrastructure Network (ESDIN) ref ECP-2007-GEO-317008]. The developments from GeoE3 will be further developed in the ‘Location Innovation Hubs’. Further data portals to the existing GeoE3 portal are to be created and the network of experts and institutions is to be further expanded.


Climate Change, Climate Resilience Information Systems, Cloud, Cloud Native, Data Science Institute, Digital Twins, OGC APIs, Urban Planning

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