Public comment requested: Climate Resilience Domain Working Group (DWG)

Please note:  This Request is scheduled to close on 11 May 2022.
Open Date: 
Wednesday, 2022-04-20
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, 2022-05-11


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on the draft charter of the proposed OGC Climate Resilience Domain Working Group (DWG). 

The OGC Climate Resilience DWG will provide an open forum for the discussion and presentation of interoperability requirements, use cases, pilots, and implementations of OGC Standards in the context of cross-sector climate actions. The goal of the DWG is to support the development of a reliable, interoperable foundation for science services that are used in climate change actions.

Producing and providing reliable climate information requires huge volumes of data to be assembled and processed from different scientific ecosystems – requiring standards and collaboration to support evidence-based decision making. Since the looming challenge of achieving climate resilience is global in nature, spatial aspects must therefore be addressed on a global scale. 

OGC’s mission of enabling FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data plays a special role in designing Climate Resilience Information Systems, as the entire climate information ecosystem around data will only reach its full potential if participants adhere to the FAIR principles, not only for the data contained within the systems, but throughout the entire climate resilience information systems themselves. This requires agreements on metadata aspects for discovery, application programming interfaces (APIs), and resource models for interaction with the climate resilience information system. 

With this requirement in mind, targeted activities of the Climate Resilience DWG will involve defining, collecting, analyzing, and communicating data streams, and building value from raw data through to effective information visualization and interpretation. 

The OGC Climate Resilience DWG charter defines the DWG’s scope as supporting any action that accelerates our collective readiness to access, fuse, and analyze data from the climate change modeling community with earth observation or any other type of data relevant to climate action (such as social science data) in order to contribute to the global push for achieving climate resilience. 

The OGC Climate Resilience DWG should work in line with the United Nations climate policy frames.


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