Request Open: March 27, 2024 9:00 am — April 26, 2024 11:59 pm (11 days left)

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) requests public comment on the OGC Points Of Interest (POI) Conceptual Model candidate Standard. Comments are due by April 26, 2024.

The OGC POI Conceptual Model is an open data model for representing information about POIs. 

The aim of developing the OGC POI Conceptual Model is to reach a common definition of the basic entities, attributes, and relations of “Points Of Interest.” In the broadest terms, a POI is a location about which information of general interest is available. A POI can be as simple as a set of coordinates with an identifier, or more complex such as a three-dimensional model of a building with names in various languages, information about open and closed hours, and a civic address.

POI data has many uses including navigation systems, mapping, geocaching, location-based social networking games, and augmented reality browsers. POI data has traditionally been exchanged in proprietary formats by various transport mechanisms. Content publishers need an effective way to describe, serve, and exchange POI data. 

To achieve these goals, the OGC POI Conceptual Model Standard describes a generic data model, defined through a Unified Modeling Language (UML) object model, that may be instantiated in a variety of serializations, including XML, JSON and RDF. The data model is designed to be extended with POI information specific to the geospatial data it represents.

The UML model extends the ISO Technical Committee 211 (ISO/TC211) conceptual model Standards for spatial and temporal data. Building on the ISO foundation assures that the features described in the POI Models share the same spatial-temporal universe as described by related standards (e.g. CityGML). 

OGC Members interested in staying up to date on the progress of this standard, or contributing to its development, are encouraged to join the Points of Interest (POI) Standards Working Group via the OGC Portal. Non-OGC members who would like to know more about participating in this SWG are encouraged to contact the OGC Standards Program.

The candidate OGC Points Of Interest Conceptual Model Standard (21-049) (.PDF) is available for review and comment on the OGC Portal. Comments are due by April 26, 2024, and should be submitted via the method below.

To Comment: 
Comments can be submitted as an issue on the OGC Points of Interest (PoI) GitHub repository for a period ending on the “Close request date” listed above. Comments received will be consolidated and reviewed by OGC members for incorporation into the document.


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