GeoPose 1.0 is an OGC Implementation Standard for exchanging the location and orientation of real or virtual geometric objects (“Poses”) within reference frames anchored to the earth’s surface (“Geo”) or within other astronomical coordinate systems.

The standard specifies two Basic forms with no configuration options for common use cases, an Advanced form with more flexibility for more complex applications, and five composite GeoPose structures that support time series plus chain and graph structures.

These eight Standardization Targets are independent. There are no dependencies between Targets and each may be implemented as needed to support a specific use case.

The Standardization Targets share an implementation-neutral Logical Model which establishes the structure and relationships between GeoPose components and also between GeoPose data objects themselves in composite structures. Not all of the classes and properties of the Logical Model are expressed in individual Standardization Targets nor in the specific concrete data objects defined by this standard. Those elements that are expressed are denoted as implementation-neutral Structural Data Units (SDUs). SDUs are aliases for elements of the Logical Model, isolated to facilitate specification of their use in encoded GeoPose data objects for a specific Standardization Target.

For each Standardization Target, each implementation technology and corresponding encoding format defines the encoding or serialization specified in a manner appropriate to that technology.

GeoPose 1.0 specifies a single encoding in JSON format (IETF RFC 8259). Each Standardization Target has a JSON Schema (Internet-Draft draft-handrews-json-schema-02) encoding specification. The key standardization requirements specify that concrete JSON-encoded GeoPose data objects must conform to the corresponding JSON Schema definition. The individual elements identified in the encoding specification are composed of SDUs, tying the specifications back to the Logical Model.

The GeoPose 1.0 Standard makes no assumptions about the interpretation of external specifications, for example, of reference frames. Nor does it assume or constrain services or interfaces providing conversion between GeoPoses of difference types or relying on different external reference frame definitions.


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Document title Version OGC Doc No. Type
OGC GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Standard 1.0 21-056r11 IS
OGC GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Draft Standard 1.0 21-056r10 IS-Draft
OGC GeoPose Reviewers Guide 22-000 UG

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