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Anyone waiting for a building permit must bring time and even expect an incorrect decision. This is because the application is processed by hand, which involves many sources of error. This can lead to delays and errors in planning, design and construction.

Reliable results would be achieved with a digitized building permit process. But all attempts to introduce this in municipalities have failed so far. This is about to change!

The goal of CHEK is to facilitate the introduction of digital building permit procedures for municipalities. Flexible, adaptable solutions are being developed that take into account all the rules and conditions of the procedure. Geodata as well as the possibility to represent buildings three-dimensionally (BIM) help in this process. The 3D model contains all information about the building’s components, materials and properties. In addition, personnel are to be trained further, processes in the administration are to be renewed and more emphasis is to be placed on technology.

The project “Change toolkit for digital building permit” (CHEK) makes this possible. It provides an innovative package of methodological and technical tools for digitizing building permits and automated compliance checks. CHEK can be applied to building designs and renovations in European cities and regions.

Part of the toolkit are:

The results will be demonstrated in Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic and will be available for testing to all other interested countries in the CHEK community of interest.

CHEK performs:

With CHEK, the OGC is implementing the goals of digital transformation within the EU. The action plan aims to prepare Europe for the challenges of the digital world and strengthen its competitiveness. One focus is on digital administration: the strategy calls for improved digital administration and greater use of digital technologies in public services. This is intended to improve the efficiency and transparency of administrative procedures, including building permit procedures. CHEK is making a key contribution to this.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement No.101058559


BIM, Digital Twins, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

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