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Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

The biggest threat facing Earth’s diverse inhabitants continues to increase. The changes to Earth’s climate – wrought through over consumption and the continued burning of fossil fuels – are now resulting in frequent extreme events and disasters.

Fair Climate Services

Producing and providing reliable information for climate services requires huge volumes of data to come together and process from different scientific eco-systems – requiring standards…

Public Comment Requested on Draft Charter for new OGC Analysis Ready Data Standards Working Group

New OGC Working Group will develop a multi-part Standard for geospatial Analysis Ready Data products, which can be integrated and analyzed with minimal user effort.

Paving the way forward for Building Energy Mapping and Analytics

This Article was Contributed by Eddie Oldfield, Senior Lead, Projects & Advisory Services, QUEST; Jessica Webster, Energy Planning Analyst, Natural Resources Canada; and Ryan Ahola,…

Public Comment Requested on Draft Charter for new OGC Climate Resilience Domain Working Group

The Climate Resilience DWG will support the development of a reliable, interoperable foundation for science services to access, fuse, and analyze data for use in climate change actions.

OGC Disaster Pilots work to address floods, fires, landslides, and epidemics with better information sharing.

The last three years have been unprecedented when it comes to disasters. In 2019 alone there was billions of dollars’ worth of damage, and thousands…