OGC Honors

The Open Geospatial Consortium recognizes members and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the success of the Consortium.  

The Gardels Award is given each year to an individual who has made exemplary contributions to the OGC's consensus standards process.
The Lifetime Achievement Award is given on occasion to an individual who has  provided exceptional service, usually over many years, to the OGC.

OGC Distinguished Member Awards –  a formal designation that recognizes significant  contributions made by  OGC members to advance the Consortium’s mission objectives. These awards were first granted in 2011. The OGC Champion Award is granted to OGC member organizations that have made a substantial, positive and sustained impact on one or more areas of OGC mission accomplishment through a high level of commitment beyond member requirements. The OGC Patron Award is given to OGC member organizations that have made significant commitments to the Consortium to assure continuity of Consortium operations and/or  attainment of specific program objectives.

The Open Geospatial Consortium is privileged to have benefitted from the wisdom, expertise and leadership of many of its many members. The OGC In Memoriam  citation recognizes the deceased OGC member representatives, staff and Directors listed below who made particularly important and particularly enduring contributions to the OGC during their lifetimes. Each of these individuals played a key role in shaping the vision, mission, and character of the Consortium. Without them, the OGC would not be what it is today.